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Ahrens chimney liners are a two liner system for gas, wood, oil and coal burning heating appliances.

The first liner strengthens as a result of the special masonry mixture being mechanically forced horizontally into your existing chimney walls. The first liner fills every crack and crevice creating an interlocking bond. The excellent insulating effect and proper flue sizing of this liner keeps flue gases warm, reducing condensation no matter what fuel is burned.*

The second liner cures to a thin, hard, glaze-like finish that seals and protects the first liner. This resists absorption of harmful acids or moisture. Because the second liner is very thin, it heats up quickly, minimizing condensation. Each second liner is created in a single pour - no matter what the chimney height or diameter. That means there are NEVER any seams to break, joints to split, tile to crack or metal to rust.*

Chimney Techniques Inc, is the only certified Ahrens liner dealer on the harbor. For more information about Ahrens liners, contact us or visit the official Ahrens website.

*(from www.ahrenschimney.com)


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