The Big Green Egg is The Game-
Changer for Backyard Barbecues

In the world of grilling, few things can create as much buzz as the Big Green Egg. With its interesting and conversation-starting design, versatile cooking options, and dedicated community of fans, it’s no surprise that this ceramic kamado-style grill has earned its place in the hearts of barbecue enthusiasts.


As someone who’s stoked many a flame and tasted my fair share of grilled delicacies over the years, I can’t help but have a soft spot for this BBQ. I grew up in a family that gathered for barbecues quite regularly and once my father found the big green egg, we used nothing else! So now, whether I’m competing in a barbecue contest or just grilling up some burgers for a family get-together, my Big Green Egg is the go-to. So let’s get into why…

Why the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is more than just a grill. It’s a smoker, a grill, and an oven all in one. The ceramic construction not only gives it the distinctive appearance, but also its excellent heat retention capabilities. From searing steaks at high temperatures, slow-smoking brisket, or baking a pizza, the versatility is simply unmatched.

One aspect that many users, including myself, rave about is the precision temperature control. Adjusting the top and bottom vents allows you to fine-tune the heat level. This control, coupled with consistent heat distribution, eliminates common issues like flare-ups or hot spots, guaranteeing a well-cooked meal every time.


Stepping Up Your Grill Game

Switching to a Big Green Egg can significantly elevate your grilling experience. The thick ceramic walls lock in moisture and smoke, enriching your food with a depth of flavor that’s hard to achieve with other grills. Experimenting with flavored wood chips or chunks can add an extra twist to your dishes as well, making you the undisputed champion of backyard barbecues.

While using wood chips or chunks, you can introduce a variety of flavors into your cooking. Each type of wood lends a distinct flavor profile, allowing you to customize and experiment with your dishes. Here are a few popular options…


The crackling fire awaits you…

Applewood adds a sweet, fruity smoke flavor that’s excellent for poultry, pork, and fish.

Hickory is known for its strong, hearty flavor, making it perfect for red meat, especially beef and lamb.

Mesquite, with its intense, earthy smoke, is great for shorter cooking periods and smaller cuts of meat.

Cherry Wood imparts a mild and fruity flavor that goes well with virtually any meat, particularly poultry and pork.

Quick tip… Soaking wood chips in water for about 30 minutes before will cause them to smolder and produce more smoke. On the other hand, wood chunks, which are larger, can be used dry. They’ll smolder for a longer time, which is great for longer cooks.

Thanks to the Big Green Egg’s precise temperature control, you can easily shift between grilling, baking, roasting, and smoking. For instance, by adjusting the vents for lower temperatures (around 225°F), and adding some wood chips, you can smoke a brisket or ribs to perfection over several hours.

If pizza is more your speed, just ramp up the heat (to about 500°F), place your pizza stone in the grill, and you’re all set to bake pizzas with a deliciously smoky, crisp crust.

A Sense of Community

Buying a Big Green Egg isn’t just a purchase… It’s an induction into a vibrant community of passionate grillers known as ‘Eggheads.’ This group shares recipes, tips, and even hosts an annual ‘EGGtoberfest’ where enthusiasts gather to celebrate their love for the Big Green Egg. I know that may be a bit more than you’re looking for… But, that’s how much people love this grill!

Is it All Sunny Side Up?

Despite its many pros, the Big Green Egg may not be for everyone. Its high-end ceramic construction, while durable and efficient, also makes it significantly pricier than traditional grills. It’s also a bit heavy… Which may not be ideal for those looking for a portable option for camping and what not. Plus, some may not want a, ‘Dr. Seuss’ looking ornament on their back porch. Had to add that in for the ‘cons’ list, even though it’s still pretty cool looking and what comes out will cause you not care whether it looks like a green egg or a vibrant pink T-Rex…

The Big Green Egg vs. Other Grills

When pitted against other grills, the Big Green Egg stands out for its versatility, precision, and heat retention. While gas grills heat up quickly and are easy to clean, they can’t match the Big Green Egg’s heat consistency or the smokey flavor you can get from it. Other charcoal grills may offer a similar taste, but they fall short in heat control, ease of use and versatility. Let’s look at a few quickly…

Kamado Joe is one of the closest competitors. Its durable construction, versatile cooking capabilities, and the patented ‘Divide & Conquer’ cooking system make it a serious contender. It is a bit more expensive than the Big Green Egg, but it includes some additional features like an ash drawer for easy cleanup, an air lift hinge for lighter lid lifting, and the ability to split the grill space for cooking at different temperatures. However, it doesn’t have as large of a fanbase or as extensive of a network of recipes and tips.

Primo’s Oval XL grill stands out due to its unique oval shape, which allows for greater flexibility in cooking, especially when cooking large pieces of meat. Made in the USA with a premium-grade ceramic, this grill is designed for even heating and impressive durability. Similarly, the Primo Oval XL can smoke, bake, roast, and grill, but it lacks the same level of community support and aftermarket upgrades that the Big Green Egg has.

The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker is a budget-friendly option in comparison. Made of triple-walled steel rather than ceramic, it’s lighter and more portable. However, the heat retention may not be as good as ceramic, and it may not last as long. But, if you’re just getting into kamado-style grilling and aren’t ready to make a significant investment, the Akorn Kamado Kooker is a solid start.

Each of these alternatives offers its own unique advantages, but none quite match the combination of the Big Green Egg’s versatility, robust community support, and wide array of aftermarket upgrades. For those truly passionate about grilling, the Big Green Egg remains a favorite for a reason.

In conclusion, I and everyone here at Chimney Techniques are fans of the Big Green Egg. It’s a do-it-all outdoor cooker that brings people together and creates unforgettable meals. It’s an investment in quality, versatility, and a passion for grilling that can yield delicious dividends for many years to come.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your grill game, the Big Green Egg might just be the answer. Once you’ve tasted the smoky, juicy goodness that comes out of this iconic green shell, you’ll agree that it’s worth every penny.

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In the end, what matters most is creating delicious food and memorable experiences for those we care about. And in that mission, the Big Green Egg is a proven, reliable ally. So, iff you’re in Grays Harbor County in Washington, swing on by Chimney Techniques and we can get you set up with your very own Green Egg!

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