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Have you ever sat by a crackling fire on a chilly day, feeling the warmth wrap around you like a cozy blanket? Hypnotized by the flickering flames, you are gently lulled into a state of peace and calmness. This soothing effect of a fire is undeniable and there has been all kinds of research coming out about the calming effects it has on us. The trouble is, traditional wood stoves are a very manual process. They don’t light themselves so when you wake up or come home from a long day, the house is cold.


Additionally, without constant monitoring they go out or don’t hold steady temperatures. Your home is either freezing or all the doors and windows have to be opened. Am I right? Enter the pellet stove. They are a fantastic way to have a relaxing fire and keep your home at a comfy temperature. Here we’ll dive into the world of pellet stoves: a convenient, sustainable and efficient heating solution to keep your home consistently cozy; unlike the unpredictable Ocean Shores weather here on the Washington coast.

While traditional wood stoves require kindling, cord wood and matches to get started, then manual air controls to keep the fire going, pellet stoves fire up with the press of a button and leave behind minimal mess in your living room. Goodbye, spiders! These small pellets are made of compressed wood fiber from residuals left over at sawmills. Making them more eco-friendly and efficient compared to traditional wood stoves. Gone are the days of going out and collecting wood, splitting, stacking, seasoning and hauling wood into the house when it is pouring down rain. Which is just a typical Tuesday during our cold and damp Aberdeen, Washington winters…

So, if you love the feel of real wood fire but want a more convenient system that is faster to get up and running and easier to keep at a steady temperature than traditional wood-burning options, then a pellet stove may be the perfect choice! These stoves offer the relaxing flicker of real flames and that bone-deep wood heat we all desire. 


Pellet stoves offer a number of advantages, including…

Efficiency & Eco-friendliness. Burning wood pellets results in significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to burning fossil fuels or traditional wood. A significant portion of the energy contained in the pellets is converted directly into heat for your home. This makes it highly efficient and reduces fuel costs and waste. Burning quality pellets also will produce minimal ash and creosote, making it a lot less messy.

Cost-effectiveness. While the initial investment in a pellet stove may be higher than some other heating options, the long-term savings can be substantial. Pellet stoves have lower operating costs due to their high efficiency and relatively low cost of pellet fuel. In many cases, these savings can offset the initial cost of the stove over time.

Consistent Heating. Unlike traditional wood stoves, which can produce inconsistent heat as the fire burns down… pellet stoves maintain a steady temperature by automatically feeding pellets into the burn pot as needed. So, the temperature of your home will be consistent.

Low Maintenance. Pellet stoves are easy to use and require less maintenance than traditional wood-burning stoves. Since they produce less ash and creosote, regular cleaning of the burn pot is typically all that is needed to keep your pellet stove running smoothly.

With minimal maintenance and mess, pellet stoves are great for families who enjoy the look and feel of real flames but don’t want the hassle of continually feeding a classic wood stove. To determine the best pellet stove for your space and lifestyle, keep in mind a few unique features and characteristics… 

  • Heating Capacity. Choose a pellet stove that is large enough to effectively heat the entire desired area. They come in a wide range of heating capacities, typically expressed in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. So, you can look at the heating capacity of the pellet stove and compare it to the square footage of your home. And by speaking to an expert, you can be sure to find the right size for your space.


  • Hopper size. The hopper is the compartment that holds the pellets. A larger hopper will require less frequent refilling, which is convenient if you plan to use the stove frequently. Consider your desired level of convenience and how often you intend to use it when choosing the right hopper size. 


  • Top-fed vs bottom-fed. As you can imagine, this refers to where you feed pellets into the stove. Though top-fed stoves are generally more efficient, bottom-fed ones are often easier to clean and less likely to clog. Considering the pros and cons of each can help you find a stove that is easy for you to use and care for.


  • Additional Features. Pellet stoves are user-friendly and come with advanced features such as automatic ignition, built-in thermostats, remote controls and programmable settings. This allows you to easily regulate the heat output, making sure there are consistent and comfortable temperatures at all times.


The crackling fire awaits you…

With an efficient and steady source of warmth with minimal maintenance, you’ll never want to leave your comfy haven! With an efficient and steady source of warmth with minimal maintenance, you’ll never want to leave your comfy haven!

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