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Every home deserves a centerpiece, and what could be more inviting than the perfect stove or fireplace?

Our collection is carefully selected to offer not just warmth, but also great style and efficiency. Every home is unique, so we’ve ensured our selection caters to a variety of tastes and requirements. Whether you’re after the rustic charm of a wood-burning stove, the convenience and cleanliness of a gas stove, or the eco-friendly efficiency of a pellet stove, we’ve got you covered!


Are you about to build a new home or do a big remodel project? Adding a fireplace is the ultimate addition for creating a space for gathering and relaxing. Come in, share your ideas and we will be more than happy to collaborate and excited to help you build the fireplace of your dreams!

Fireplace Inserts

An Insert can update the look of your outdated (and let’s be honest, inefficient) open fireplace to anything from rustic and earthy styles to more modern and sophisticated. There are hundreds of unique and gorgeous options for you to choose from.


A warm, crackling stove can do so much more than just heat a home. It can also elevate your space and add charm, all while creating a relaxing atmosphere where you and your loved ones can de-stress from the day. The addition of a new stove can often be completed within one day of minor interruptions.


Make your backyard the go-to destination for family and friends. With our curated selection of top-notch grills and other patio essentials, you can create your perfect outdoor haven for food, fun, and relaxation. It’s about more than just gear—it’s about continuously refining your favorite place on earth.


The crackling fire awaits you…

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