Your Complete Guide to
Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you’ve ever dreamt of curling up by a beautiful roaring fire in the heart of your living room, but dread the thought of chopping wood or sweeping up soot, then you, my friend, are in for a treat. Let’s walk through the cozy, carefree world of electric fireplace inserts! By the end of this guide, you’ll know all about the good, the bad, and the warmly glowing when it comes to these modern marvels.


Electric Fireplace Inserts 101

What’s an electric fireplace insert? It’s a box that slides right into your existing fireplace or a custom-built unit, plugs into an electrical outlet, and creates warmth and ambiance without any real flames. That’s it! It’s basically a big space heater that looks fantastic.

No mess, no smoke, no chimney – just pure, cozy comfort!

The Bright Side of Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you’re local, stepping into our Aberdeen fireplace shop, you’ll find a world of reasons why going electric is a brilliant idea…

First off, Installation & Décor – These inserts can be installed almost anywhere, from a traditional hearth to a custom wall unit, with no major renovation required. Plus, with a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, they’ll add a dash of personality to your home.

Long-lasting Convenience – Electric inserts are super durable, thanks to the absence of real flames and combustion. You can control everything, from the flame effect to the heat level, with a handy remote. And, you can enjoy the beautiful flame effect year-round, even without using the heater!

Efficient Heating – Unlike traditional fireplaces, these inserts don’t lose heat through a chimney, making them highly efficient. They might not heat your entire home, but they’re great at making a single room extra cozy.

Heat On-Demand – Turn on the heat when you want it, and switch it off when you don’t. It’s instant, efficient, and doesn’t waste energy. Only drawback being the fact that it won’t work during a power outage…

Safety – With no real flames, there’s no risk of a log rolling out, or a curious pet (or child) getting too close. Plus, they don’t emit any gasses or emissions, meaning they’re better for the environment.

Low To Zero Maintenance – Say goodbye to ash, soot, or chimney clean-ups! An occasional dusting is all you need. Easy peasy! This is obviously great unless you look forward to your friendly chimney sweep stopping in once a year lol.

Eco-friendly – No wood or gas burning means no emissions. It’s a win for Mother Nature! 


The crackling fire awaits you…

The Flip Side of Electric Fireplace Inserts

Alright, time for some real talk. Electric fireplace inserts aren’t perfect. Here are some of the possible cons to consider…


Less Realistic Flames. While technology has come a long way, some people find the flame effects of electric fireplaces less authentic than real fire. Which I understand. However, many of the new models that have been coming out such as Evonicfires, Modern Blaze and a few others are super realistic!


Reliance on Electricity. In the event of a power outage, your electric fireplace won’t be able to provide heat or light… Big drawback if you live in a place that experiences outages during the winter.


Limited Heat Output. While they’re great for a single room, they might not be sufficient to heat a larger home as I’m sure you can imagine. They are like a pretty space heater.


Value Consideration. Unlike permanent fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts don’t usually add value to your home. But hey, if you move, you can take it with you a hell of a lot easier!

Electric vs. Gas and Wood Fireplace Inserts

When you compare electric inserts to gas and wood options, here’s how they stack up…


Installation & Maintenance. Electric wins hands down here. It’s easier to install and virtually maintenance-free compared to the others.


Running Costs. While electricity rates can be higher than gas or wood, the targeted heating provided by electric inserts can potentially save you money. Especially at install.


Environmental Impact. Electric inserts are the cleanest option, producing no emissions. But keep in mind, the greenness of your electricity source matters too.


Safety. With no real flames or harmful gasses, along with no excess heat around the unit, electric is the safest bet. If you’re worried about children touching or getting too close, this may move to the top of the list.

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Pick Your Perfect Insert

When shopping for electric fireplace inserts at your local fireplace shop, remember to consider the size of your room, your preferred heat output, and the style that suits your home. And don’t forget those fun features, like remote controls, thermostats, and customizable flame effects! Many newer options have several flame looks that you can choose from to set the mood you’re looking for!

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There you have it! A complete guide to the world of electric fireplace inserts. So, ready to add some spark to your home? Whatever your heart (or hearth) desires! If you are here in Grays Harbor Washington, make sure to stop in and see us at our Aberdeen fireplace shop! We just expanded our selection of electric fireplace inserts and we know there is one that’s perfect for you. Happy heating!

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